"I work to capture the mysteries inherent in all landscapes. My camera seeks out quirky undertones; I look for subjects that are less guarded, closer to nature and still agreeable towards the idea of magic happening.

Since I lost most of my hearing at birth, the loss was also a gain: a missing sense made other senses more acute. I developed my vision deliberately and early. I have always sought activities of silence and solitude. During this time, I began competitive swimming which provided a way to navigate daily complexities and allowed me an intensity of focus on life and art. To this day, when I photograph, I will turn off my aids to find solitude, so I can be fully immersed in the scene in from of me.

I invite viewers to come on journeys with me through seemingly ordinary yet complex places. I am interested in finding locations that have been formed by tumultuous forces and by human habitation. Where I stand with my camera, I wonder: how has this place changed, and why? I want viewers to share those questions and to wonder about their place in this evolution.

I wish to take viewers out of time, and into their senses- to venture out on soils of past eons, of stories long since told and and now forgotten. The raw sophistication in the geometries of currently built environments, the ghosts of complex histories and uncertain futures wander through each image."

- Susan Huber